One Week Cross-State Tours

Can't take the entire 51 days off from your job or family? But want to cycle across America! Why not try one of our terrific One Week Cross-State tours of our popular Cross Country Challenge!

              One Week Cross-State Tours
   Tour       Location                        Date                   Mileage
  Tour 1   San Francisco to Salt Lake City  June 6-17, 1997            841
	   Western States Tour              June 6-17, 1998 
  Tour 2   Salt Lake City to Pueblo, CO     June 18-26, 1997           584
	   Rocky Mountain Tour              June 18-26, 1998       
  Tour 3   Pueblo to St. Joseph, MO         June 27- July 5, 1997      684
           Tour de Plains                   June 27- July 5, 1998 
  Tour 4   St.Joseph to Indianapolis, IN    July 6-13, 1997            565
           Heartland Tour                   July 6-13, 1998 
  Tour 5   Indianapolis to Erie, PA         July 14-19, 1997           460
           County Mileage Tour              July 14-19, 1998 
  Tour 6   Erie to Portsmouth, NH           July 20-28, 1997           619
           Eastern States Tour              July 20-28, 1998   

A Typical Day: Good Morning America!
The Cross Country Challenge: June 6 to July 28, 1997
The Fall Foliage Tour: You will remember this ride!
The Great Mississippi River Ride: Lewis and Clark on Two Wheels!
B.A.R.N.E.S. Tour: Bicycle ARound New England in the Summertime.
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