One Week County Mileage Tour Itinerary

County Mileage Tour: Indianapolis to Erie, PA

July 14 - 19, 1997
July 14 - 19, 1998

Enjoy Indianapolis attractions before we depart for Erie. Touch three states this stage. You'll pass through Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania and ride over 450 miles in five days. The plains of Indiana give way to rolling Ohio farmland. The route is spectacular rural riding. Ohio gives way to the city on the Great Lake Erie. Explore this growing lakeside community.

           Indianapolis to Erie, PA
    Day       Location                            Miles   Miles
   Day 1     Indianapolis to Richmond, IN           68      34
   Day 2     Richmond to Marysville, OH            106      53
   Day 3     Marysville to Wooster, OH             105      52
   Day 4     Wooster to Niles, OH                   91      45
   Day 5     Niles to Erie, PA                      90      45
                                Total Mileage      460

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