The Fall Foliage Tour
October 4 - 11, 1997
October 3 - 10, 1998

Join America by Bicycle as we tour New England in the spectacular brilliance of the fall season. Depart Portland, Maine, famous for the Olde Port and follow the rugged coast line to the town of Saco. From Saco we'll continue down the beautiful New England coast into Portsmouth, New Hampshire. This city is full of history. You'll have plenty of time to explore Strawberry Banke, an original 18th century village. Next head inland through the countryside. You'll see many "Norman Rockwell" communities with the classic town square and white spire churches, not to mention the friendly New England folk. We'll stop for the night in the old mill town of Lowell which is full of sight seeing opportunities. Continue on the tour and head south into Massachusetts and see spectacular countryside as you rest in Fitchburg. From there we'll head north, back to New Hampshire at Manchester. Then cross the back woods of New Hampshire into Maine. You will see spectacular foliage throughout the tour. Before long we're back where we started in Portland. The colors and the area is fantastic. You will remember this ride!

         Fall Foliage Tour
  Day      Location                     Miles
 Day 0    Portland, Maine                 0
 Day 1    Portland to Saco, Maine        46
 Day 2    Saco to Portsmouth, NH         56
 Day 3    Portsmouth to Lowell, MA       53
 Day 4    Lowell to Fitchburg, MA        39
 Day 5    Fitchburg to Manchester, NH    66
 Day 6    Manchester to Sanford, ME      63
 Day 7    Sanford to Portland, Maine     41
          Total Mileage                 364

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