Here's what cyclists are saying about America by Bicycle!

"You guys were very supportive and flexible. You made sure everyone's trip was successful. We all had different reasons for doing the trip. Some for fun, friendship; some purely to ride every inch; some to prove something; some searching for answers, but somehow we all met different goals on the same trip. Pretty neat trick!"

D. Gallina - Baltimore, MD

"Staff attitude was A-OK - encouraging and helpful but let it be our experience, not theirs."

L. Tolman - Worcester, MA

"I had an awesome time. It was an adventure, a vacation and a dream come true. I've heard people say biking across the country is a challenge, and not a fun experience, but with America by Bicycle you could lay back have fun and enjoy the rides. There was no pressure, no worries and no hassles. Thanks so much for the best time of my Life."

B. Stieff - Baltimore, MD

"It was great knowing I could get a ride in the Sag Wagon if I really needed it. The best part was getting to know everyone and making lasting friendships and improving my biking ability!"

C. Soldho - Fresno, CA

"Thanks for all your work and planning and for making it a wonderful trip for all of us. the set-up, support and great easy going flexible attitude were a great combination. I highly recommend these rides."

C. Stein - Baltimore, MD

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B.A.R.N.E.S. Tour: Bicycle Around New England in the Summertime.
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