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Rocky Mountain Tour Itinerary

Salt Lake City to Pueblo, CO

Thursday, June 16 to Friday June 24, 2005
Thursday, June 15 to Friday June 23, 2006

Departing Salt Lake City, we stay on the high plain before we head up into the Wasatch Mountains. The desert sections of Utah are extremely desolate and beautiful. We will pass the "Book Cliffs" and cycle just north of Arches National Park and Moab. The terrain will become mountainous again as we near Colorado. The climbing can get intense at times, but as you conquer the ascents, you will be rewarded with fantastic beauty, outstanding views and terrific downhill runs. Next, you'll tackle Monarch Pass. At 11,312', it is not only the highest peak we will transverse, but it's also the Continental Divide. From there, it's a nice long downhill ride to Salida. The wild ride continues as we pick up the Arkansas River, follow it out of the Rockies, onto the high rolling plains, and ultimately over to Pueblo.

Salt Lake City to Pueblo, CO
Day Location Miles Total
Day 0 Salt Lake City, UT 0 0
Day 1 Provo, UT 64 64
Day 2 Price, UT 75 139
Day 3 Green River, UT 66 205
Day 4 Grand Junction, CO 95 300
Day 5 Montrose, CO 69 369
Day 6 Gunnison, CO 63 432
Day 7 Salida, CO 66 498
Day 8 Pueblo, CO 95 593

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