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“I would like to take this moment to say thank you for making a long awaited dream become a reality. The Cross Country Challenge was everything and more than what I was anticipating. The ride across the Golden Gate Bridge seemed to have much more meaning to me as we started our trek across America. I have ridden many of the roads along the route from San Francisco to Nevada, but this time there was such a purpose for me and I wanted to savor each and every moment as I passed over familiar ground. As you may know, one of my goals was to ride "Every Fantastic Inch" (EFI) and you and your staff helped me accomplish that goal. For that I am forever grateful. The diversity of our country is incredible. What better way to see, feel and smell America than by a bicycle seat. Meeting and talking to people in small, medium and large town America during our tour and the expressions on their faces when they find out what we are doing was priceless. I'm so glad you found routes that I have read about in history books and saw them first hand. The spectacular views of San Francisco, High Sierras, Conner Lake, Lake Tahoe, The Great Salt Lake, Arches National Park, Rocky Mountains, the Plain States, Santa Fe Trail, Niagara Falls, Erie Canal and of course the Mohawk Trail and the Berkshires. I don't know if I would have ever taken the time to see these places but because of this trip, I want to go back and spend more time and learn about them. I'm sure you get many letters of thanks from your riders expressing their feelings, but this is from me and I wanted to say THANK YOU!!”

Andy H. - California

“At the beginning of the ride you said 'To some of you the Cross Country Challenge will change your life.' In some ways I thought how? Well, I had no idea the heartfelt impact other riders would have on me. The group was a wonderful and caring assembly from all over the world! I tested myself like never before for the fun of it and I could never expect such a wonderful feeling of accomplishment! While at the beach in New Hampshire, I came upon so many different emotions, happy and joyous for the accomplishment, but sad for the many good-byes to so many extraordinary riders and staff! The most interesting change which took place along the route for me was to learn to savor each moment in life, no matter what or where it is! Thank you and all the staff for allowing me to fulfill one of my dreams. It will be cherished in my memory always.”

Beth S. - Ohio

“Dear AbB, I wanted to tell you what a good time I had on the Across America North Tour which I recently did. I was a rider who jumped on the tour in Idaho Falls, Idaho and rode till Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I can't give you enough praise for the entire staff. They made all of us feel well taken care of. I would sign up again for another tour with your company given my experience the first time around. My husband is riding the entire Across America North Tour and I felt I was leaving him in very good care with all the SAG stops with the water/Gatorade and the constant monitoring on the roads to see if everyone is alright mechanically. The outfit runs like a well-oiled machine- the best I've seen yet!”

Cheryl H. - Maryland

“Thank you for facilitating an epic adventure in my life, for providing a life time of memories. Thank you for all the painstaking research on routes, detailed cuesheets, figuring our motel and dining logistics. I felt well cared for by a professional team who were also fun people. I think I laughed my way across the U.S. (+ sweated and struggled, but with joyous results). Keep up the good work!”

Nancy C. - Tennessee

“Dear AbB Crew, I just wanted you to know what a wonderful time I had on the Western States Tour. Your staff was outstanding, positive, extremely helpful and upbeat. I would love to find a way to participate in the future. Everyday on the road was so rich. I learned more from just hanging around at mechanics than I have learned in over two years at my local bike shop. My 4:47 century was a high point, but not as high as Mt. Rose which was a challenge for this flatlander. Whew boy!! Thanks for a great experience and wonderful memories. When I am leaning back in my office chair and staring at the ceiling, my secretary won't have a clue what I'm thinking about - but you will! All the best!”

Peter B. - Florida

“Thank you to you and your staff for giving me the most fun / challenging vacation I have ever been on. I know I've met people who I'll keep in contact with. AGAIN - The trip and staff were great!!”

Lisa M. - Minnesota

“The trip / vacation exceeded my expectations. All the motels were nice and the breakfast and lunches (including SAG snacks) were of good quality. I was surprised by how much food was available to everyone at the SAG stops. All of the support team members were very professional, patient and worked well with each other. The staff went 'Over and Beyond' what I would consider great support. I will always remember the days of riding and am looking forward to coming back and riding the Fast America ride. Not only did I enjoy the ride, but I learned plenty on the trip. Kudos to AbB!!”

David R. - Maryland

“Thanks for a great trip. It was a life changing experience. I learned so much thanks to the great staff and the other riders. I learned a lot about biking and I really feel part of the bicycling community. It was nice to just have to focus on riding the bike and not having to worry about luggage or meals. The trip was very organized and well run. I'd love to do the Northern Tour.”

Jennifer G. - Michigan

“I had some specific reasons for taking this trip and it did wonders for me. A big part of that was the fact that the logistics were so well-planned and the ride was so well-supported that all I had to think about was getting on my bike and riding. Thanks for making it all happen.”

Steve L. - Texas

“Thank you and the great support team for a life long wonderful memory of biking across America. Our son did the trip and was a changed-for-the-better person when he got to New Hampshire. In fact, he now has a really good quality bike and is riding with the college team at the University of Chapel Hill in North Carolina. His Mother and I were both very impressed with your detailed organization, flexibility in schedules and over all quality of service. We'll have you in mind for future rides for us and our friends. Thanks for being there.”

Steve and Carol M. - North Carolina

“I made it back to NYC safe and sound. I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for such a great time on the road. The trip was exactly as advertised, and yet more enjoyable than I could have hoped for. I have just checked out your web site and blocked out the dates for next summer. Again, many thanks for all your help. The staff was great, both in being prepared so that there were no surprises on the road as well as being ready when the unexpected (like fog and rain) did crop up. See you next year! ”

Chris S. - New York City

“You guys were very supportive and flexible. You made sure everyone's trip was successful. We all had different reasons for doing the trip. Some for fun, friendship; some purely to ride every inch; some to prove something; some searching for answers, but somehow we all met different goals on the same trip. Pretty neat trick!”

D. Gallina - Baltimore, MD

“Staff attitude was A-OK - encouraging and helpful but let it be our experience, not theirs.”

L. Tolman - Worcester, MA

“I had an awesome time. It was an adventure, a vacation and a dream come true. I've heard people say biking across the country is a challenge, and not a fun experience, but with America by Bicycle you could lay back have fun and enjoy the rides. There was no pressure, no worries and no hassles. Thanks so much for the best time of my Life.”

B. Stieff - Baltimore, MD

“It was great knowing I could get a ride in the Sag Wagon if I really needed it. The best part was getting to know everyone and making lasting friendships and improving my biking ability!”

C. Soldho - Fresno, CA

“Thanks for all your work and planning and for making it a wonderful trip for all of us. the set-up, support and great easy going flexible attitude were a great combination. I highly recommend these rides.”

C. Stein - Baltimore, MD

It was really a very good and unpretentious experience, allowing life On The Road to dominate... Which, for me, is as it should be.  Thank you for your encouragement and support and more than anything, your enthusiastic energy for life on a bicycle.

Craig B. - Maryland

I really enjoyed the country roads with no traffic.

Carol F. - Tennessee

This definitely was the most awesome experience in my life.

Phil Z. - Pennsylvania

The thing I enjoyed the most was 30 days with nothing to worry about. It helped me take my mind off my problems and really gave me the time to reflect on them and come up with some viable options. I enjoyed the social nature of the group.  I do not have to worry about anything you guys do it all, I just ride.  Thanks!

Mike H. - Minnesota

The best part of the ride:  Everything! Especially cycling with a great group of people. Thanks to pacing myself and great weather it was a fantastic trip. Thanks for the experience, even after two months I still think of it everyday.

David B. - New York, NY

Being able to meet the physical challenge and connecting with all the people made it a memorable experience. Climbing Monarch Pass was a highlight for me. I know I will always treasure this trip for the rest of my life.  The staff made it possible. Thanks for making it possible for me to fulfill my dream.

Catherine S. - California

This was a fantastic experience for me mainly because of the great people, terrific routes and excellent staff. It was a long time to be on the road (52days) but this country is so beautiful, it was well worth the effort. I was also very impressed with your organization especially the attention to detail and logistics.  I will ride with you again.

Mike X. - California

Thank you and the great support team for a life long memory of biking across America. Since I arrived in New Hampshire I am a changed for the better person. I am now riding with my college cycling team and loving every minute of it. I was very impressed with your detail to organization, flexibility in schedules and over all quality of service.  I will always keep you and the adventure in mind and hope to come back and ride another tour this summer. Thanks for being there!

Jack M. - Texas

I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you once again for a really great trip.  Though I questioned how ready I was for this, I am really happy to say I made every inch of the way (and no flats!). I also wanted to tell you that the staff has been very accommodating, and really helpful to everyone out on the road. I wanted to make sure that you knew how well the trip went and how pleased that the riders are with the whole trip. Well, thanks again for another great adventure with America by Bicycle. I hope to join you again soon.  Take Care!

Marcia I. - Utah


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