The Cross Country Challenge
Sat., May 30 to Tue., July 21, 2015
Sat., June 4 to Tue., July 26, 2016
The Cross Country Challenge will cycle through some of the most beautiful and scenic areas in America. From the natural beauty of the Sierras and Rockies to spectacular river crossings like the Arkansas, Missouri and Mississippi, we�ll cycle through national parks and past monuments, each day is a unique adventure in itself. This great adventure will average 80 miles per day for 3,872 miles and have five interesting and diverse non-cycling days along the way.

The Cross Country Challenge will depart the city by the bay, San Francisco. We will head over to Golden Gate State Beach to dip our rear wheel in the Pacific Ocean and begin the trek Across America. As you can imagine, the terrain is very rolling. From the beach, we�ll get an elevated view of the city as we ride across the Golden Gate Bridge. We�ll then continue through Sausalito and ultimately around the bay to the north. Central California flattens out, warms up and is very agricultural (they grow everything here). The flats continue as we cycle past the University of California at Davis, cross the Sacramento River and spend the night in the state capital of Sacramento. You�ll want to stop in Old Town and see what things were like 150 years ago in California. The next day, we�ll follow the America River to Auburn, a town that rests in the foothills of the Sierras. After a few moderate riding days, we�ll pick it up a little and head up into the mountains. Cycling up into the Sierras is awesome. The views and vistas are beautiful. The closer we near the Donner Summit, the more beautiful it gets. You will be rewarded for all the climbing as we crest the summit and get an awesome view of the Truckee Valley. Then it�s a wild ride down to Donner Pass Lake and the quaint town of Truckee. You will sleep well comforted in the knowledge you have conquered the toughest climb day of the tour. The next day, we�ll climb some more, first over Brockway Summit and a nice descent down to Lake Tahoe. Then say goodbye to California and welcome the biggest gaming state in the union, Nevada. The final climb for the day will take us up and over Rose Mountain (8990�). The views over your shoulder of Lake Tahoe are staggering. After the summit, it�s a long winding ride right down to the desert floor in Reno. The Nevada desert calls as we roll up off the desert floor and continue through the Nevada Badlands. We will ride through quaint old western towns with a lot of history. Just imagine as you roll through Winnemmucca, where Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid robbed their first bank and began a crime spree that made them legends, you are riding through history. We will continue across the Nevada desert in springtime bloom. The high desert plain slowly gives way to the Ruby Mountains. We will roll up and over eastern Nevada and then stretch out our legs for the final push across the Bonneville Salt Flats and cycle into Salt Lake City for our first day off. Time for a little sightseeing. Be sure to check out downtown Salt Lake City. There is a lot to do in this beautiful city, host site of the 2002 Winter Olympics.

Departing Salt Lake City, we stay on the high plain and head south around Utah Lake. Next, we tackle the Wasatch Mountains. We�ll climb up and over Soldier Summit, rolldown through Helper and over to Price. The desert sections of Utah are extremely desolate and beautiful. We will pass the �BookCliffs� and cycle just north of Arches National Park and Moab. The terrain will become mountainous again as we near Colorado. You�ll see the Grand Mesa as we close in on Grand Junction. Named for the place where the Colorado and the Gunnison River join. Grand Junction is our gateway to the Rockies. Prepare to be overwhelmed at the natural beauty of the mountains. The climbing can get intense at times, but as you conquer the ascents, you will be rewarded with fantastic beauty, outstanding views and terrific down hill runs. A highlight of the Rocky Mountains is Monarch Pass. At 11,312�, it is not only the highest peak we will transverse, but it�s also the Continental Divide. From there, it�s a nice down hill ride to Salida. The wild ride continues from Salida as we pick up and ride along the Arkansas River. The descent can be a fast and visually beautiful one. We�ll follow the Arkansas River out of the Rockies onto the high rolling plains and over to Pueblo for our second off day. Another day to catch up on the local sights, clean the bike and take a break.

After a rest, you will be rejuvenated and ready to continue the high plains drift. We will stretch out our legs for back to back centuries that push us across the border into Kansas. Chalk up another state. The slow gentle roll gives way to extremely flat Kansas prairie. As we continue to meander along the Arkansas River, you will notice we are still loosing altitude. It is very subtle, but with a little tailwind, you�ll really notice the miles fly. We will pass through small western towns and you�ll soon discover how the west was won. Arriving in Dodge City, you�ll connect with the cowboys who drove herds of cattle through this frontier town a century ago. Don�t miss the Front Street section of Old Dodge City. Eastern Kansas picks up and rolls again as we enter the Missouri River Valley. Before you know it, we have rolled past the halfway mark and into Topeka, Kansas. One more day will take us across the Missouri River, into Saint Joseph and our third day off. Take some time to explore St. Joseph the home of the Pony Express.

With another state under our belt, we�ll begin the roll through Missouri. This state will really get your attention with its rural beauty, Amish charm and extreme roller coaster terrain. You�ll get the picture as we cycle through Thousand Hill State Park. After we roll down into the Mississippi River Valley, cross the Mississippi River, the east is at hand. You�ll notice how much more vegetation and how green everything is here compared to the western half of the country. We�ll stretch out our legs again and hit the town Abe Lincoln made famous, Springfield, Illinois. The terrain settles down and the wheat fields turn to corn as we spin across Illinois and into Indiana. The farm lands gives way to the big city as we arrive in Indianapolis and our fourth day off. You�ll get a chance to see Indianapolis Motor Speedway, take a lap on the Major Taylor Velodrome and generally take in the sights.

The next leg is a fast one. Out of Indianapolis, we�ll spin through a number of small Indiana towns including Knightstown, where the movie �Hoosiers� was filmed. The plains of Indiana give way to rolling Ohio farmland. The centuries come and go as we zig zag and roll past family farms and small town America. The rural beauty gives way to larger towns as we overnight in the well known auto manufacturing communities of Marysville (Honda Motors) and Niles (General Motors). Now the route heads North, up to the great Lake of Erie. We�ll continue east and follow the south shore as we cross into Pennsylvania and arrive in Erie for our fifth and final off day. The overnight hotel is in the heart of downtown, you�ll be able to walk right down to the lake. Lake Erie is the largest body of water we�ve seen since departing the Pacific. The excitement is building now, you can almost taste the Atlantic.

Our final leg in the Cross Country Challenge will take us across upper New York State through rolling farm country just north of the Finger Lakes Region. Then we�ll pick up the Erie Canal and following it off and on through Liverpool, Little Falls and finally ride along the Hudson River to Latham. The last few days get exciting as we climb again across the Appalachian Mountain Range and cross into Vermont, we will overnight in Brattleboro. The next day, we�ll get up cross the river into New Hampshire and ride the roller coaster to Manchester. The area continues to be very scenic, with plenty of New England Villages with Norman Rockwell squares. The final day, we�ll roll right down to the ocean on the New Hampshire seacoast. Here you�ll dip your front wheel in the Atlantic Ocean and complete your cross country ride. You�ll have an opportunity to cross the Piscataqua River and cycle into Maine, where you�ll get to add another sate to your list of cycling conquests. You�ve done it!

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Tour Itinerary
Day Location Day's
Day 0 San Francisco, CA 0
Day 1 Vallejo, CA 73
Day 2 Sacramento, CA 70
Day 3 Auburn, CA 51
Day 4 Truckee, CA 74
Day 5 Sparks, NV 65
Day 6 Lovelock, NV 91
Day 7 Winnemucca, NV 72
Day 8 Battle Mt., NV 56
Day 9 Elko, NV 72
Day 10 Wendover, UT 108
Day 11 Salt Lake City, UT 121
Day 12 Salt Lake City
Day 13 Provo, UT 63
Day 14 Price, UT 75
Day 15 Green River, UT 67
Day 16 Grand Jct., CO 102
Day 17 Montrose, CO 70
Day 18 Gunnison, CO 63
Day 19 Salida, CO 66
Day 20 Pueblo, CO 95
Day 21 Pueblo, CO
Day 22 Lamar, CO 121
Day 23 Garden City, KS 105
Day 24 Dodge City, KS 51
Day 25 Great Bend, KS 86
Day 26 McPherson, KS 64
Day 27 Abilene, KS 64
Day 28 Topeka, KS 109
Day 29 St. Joseph, MO 88
Day 30 St. Joseph
Day 31 Chillicothe, MO 90
Day 32 Kirksville, MO 83
Day 33 Quincy, IL 97
Day 34 Springfield, IL 106
Day 35 Champaign, IL 96
Day 36 Crawfordsville, IN 82
Day 37 Indianapolis, IN 62
Day 38 Indianapolis
Day 39 Richmond, IN 75
Day 40 Marysville, OH 105
Day 41 Wooster, OH 103
Day 42 Niles, OH 90
Day 43 Erie, PA 103
Day 44 Erie
Day 45 Hamburg, NY 87
Day 46 Canandaigua, NY 94
Day 47 Liverpool, NY 69
Day 48 Little Falls, NY 79
Day 49 Latham, NY 83
Day 50 Brattleboro, VT 80
Day 51 Manchester, NH 84
Day 52 Portsmouth, NH 62

  • $8,050 (Triple)
  • $10,650 (Double)
  • $13,250 (Single)