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The Badlands Ride

Fri., July 3 to Sat., July 11, 2015
Fri., July 8 to Sat., July 16, 2016

The Badlands Ride continues the high plains drift through small western towns, and you�ll soon discover how the west was won. Next, we�ll stretch out our legs a little and cross the border into South Dakota. It�s back into the mountains again. We�ll cycle up into the Black Hills and through Custer State Park. The terrain is a roller coaster of natural beauty. Watch for the wildlife and see some of the devastation of wildfires from years gone by. We�ll climb right up to Mount Rushmore, a jewel of the Black Hills, and you�ll marvel at this great man made tribute. Can you name all the presidents? We�ll have a great ride out of the mountains to our overnight refuge of Rapid City. We will continue the journey, descending still, onto the high plains of South Dakota, skirting the Badlands and roll into Wall, South Dakota, the town that made the corner drug store and South Dakota famous. Next we�ll stretch out our legs again for a long, dry ride to Pierre, the capital of South Dakota. From Pierre we�ll pick up the Missouri River and tag along for awhile. You�ll never believe South Dakota looks like this, it�s green, lush and beautifully rolling along the Missouri River. The views are outstanding and in many cases, you can see for miles along the river valley. Soon we�ll kick out back on the flat South Dakota prairie and spin into Sioux Falls.

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Day Location Day's
Day 0 Casper, WY 0
Day 1 Lusk, WY 106
Day 2 Hot Springs, SD 92
Day 3 Rapid City, SD 75
Day 4 Wall, SD 57
Day 5 Pierre, SD 117
Day 6 Chamberlain, SD 84
Day 7 Mitchell, SD 71
Day 8 Sioux Falls, SD 72

  • $2,232 (Triple)
  • $2,682 (Double)
  • $3,132 (Single)

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    America By Bicycle - Fully Supported Bicycle Tours. ---bicycle bike touring cross-country adventure dream cycling---

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